Get Ready for even higher speeds and lower prices!

Get ready for more potential, more opportunity and more of everything you can expect from Dimension 5 Internet Solutions at reduced prices. With the ability to bring gigabit Internet to our customers, since 2018. Our mission is to give first class service to all. We are all about contention ratio’s and believe 1 to 1 is the only way, why should anyone share?

Download up to 1Gbps

With a full redundant fibre links we can achieve speeds beyond 10Gbs giving us the ability to supply links up to 1Gbs.

Ultra Fast Browsing

By using multiple DNS (Dynamic Name Servers) we insure fast and reliable browsing. These includes Google DNS as well Cloudflair DNS services to ensure redundancy and low latency over multiple clustering systems.

Dedicated Datacenter

With our own dedicated Datacentre we don’t rely on any third party for services thus increasing reliability and cutting down on service and down times.

24/7 Power Backup

We are not independent from any power institutions. Our equipment is protected from surges by using off-grid electricity.

We are Eco Friendly

Being Eco aware we use only solar energy reducing waste produced by fossil fuels. We believe in saving our planet for future generations.

Teamspeak Servers

Join our TeamSpeak server today and experience clear voice with ultra-low latencies.

Ideal starter package!

– Fast fiber-optic network backhaul



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Connect all your devices
high speed Internet with ease

Connect phones, tablets, laptops and more…

Unlike other service providers, we do not restrict the number of devices connected to your network. You can connect unlimited devices regardless of make and model keeping in mind that there is a maximum speed threshold depending on access equipment used. We believe it’s your line, you can do with it as you please.

24/7 Technical Support

Simply submit a ticket and get help faster…

By using our automated support service, you can be rest assured that an available support agent will attend to your issue within no time. The system automatically sends your request to the relevant department and available team members. This saves time and money, not everyone is always available, working shifts are followed to complete the 24/7 cycle. With this system the available staff will attend to a ticket once its loaded onto the system.

Benefits of Dimension 5 are Simply Better.

Unlimited Device

Wireless Speeds

Voice & Gaming

Dedicated Hosting

We Give Awesome Service, See How Customers Love Us.